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"I stopped identifying with genre
when I gave up identifying with gender"

'Inspiring, Energetic, Empowering, Completely Different, Cinematic'

- these are just some of the words fans use to describe BexX shows.

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BexX is an independent Non-Binary, Experimental Pop Artist, with a passion for freedom of expression and personal growth, emerging from Bristol, UK.

BexX believes in the diversity of musical genre, wanting to not be pigeonholed into a generic box, and aiming to inspire change through releasing and performing an eclectic range of music including (but not limited to) 80’s inspired Electro-Pop, Classical Crossover and Baroque Pop with brightly burning, raw and cathartic vocals.

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BexX Releases

Electo-Pop and Experimental Live-Production:

BexX is currently writing their debut album with the message of Empowerment, carving out their own niche with a new style produced by live-looping, synths, vocals and samples, which they developed through the isolation of lockdown, making a significant stylistic shift from their Baroque-Pop crafted debut EP, but still honouring their Genre-fluid approach to music creation, skirting around the constraints of specific genre definitions.
An example of new BexX sound can be sampled here in a song about embracing the unpredictable.

A Girl With Love To Share - Feat Svenja Behle.

As part of the 'On To Bigger Things' EP, and a co-write with Sue Harris, this Baroque-Pop song features Berlin-based vocalist Svenja Behle in a story about Self-Love.
The video was made separately in both Bristol and Berlin, portraying the magical healing of identity shift and self-discovery.
For fans of Anohni, Anthony and the Johnsons and Kate Bush.

Freedom Doesn't Mean A Thing, if there's no peace within.

This linear-form Experimental-Pop piano and cello piece resembles music by Benjamin Clementine and portrays a story of vulnerability and growth by stating - You are not truly free if you have no peace and acceptance of who you truly are.

BexX’s songs inspire listeners to carry on despite, and often because of, life’s inherent uncertainty.
BexX’s lyrics, often quite personal, carry in them a little spark of all of us — exploring some of those universal feelings that help define what it is to be human. They yearn for an understanding of love and life that so many of us strive to achieve.
Their songs wrestle with inner dialogues and struggle to find freedom from long-held notions, from the mental chains which bind us to who we are.
BexX reflects on past choices and behavioural patterns, (“I’ve been digging up bones in the garden again, / I can’t get it out of my system” - From 'System'), getting stuck wondering how things might have, could have, should have been.
BexX reckons with the dissonance between dreams and a harsher reality (“Maybe my head’s in the stars / But that’s nothing wrong / It’s where we belong”), while considering it might be better to cherish what you have than to forever covet what’s beyond your reach (“But you never choose your love, Love chooses you”).
The words give us pause to contemplate our own fear of an unknown future. We hold what we have dear, trying to protect it, so much that we don’t allow it a chance to flourish (“Afraid of our greatness / We fear the butterfly / This cocoon is where our love will die” - from Afraid of What's To Come from Onto Bigger Things).
Though some of BexX’s lyrics can seem forlorn, many of those same ones also share a positive message: holding onto what’s behind us while fearing what’s ahead keeps us from ever living in the moment.


Be Experimental

“It’s like ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ but they’re being themselves!” - Helen, Glasto Vocal Explorer

“Liberating, Empowering and Very Special!” - Rachael, Glasto Vocal Explorer

“‘Be Experimental’ grew my confidence more than any other workshop. BexX is excellent at working with Neurodivergent people” - Angelina, Bristol Vocal Explorer

“I felt like I became Bjork for a moment!” - Amelia, Pro Soprano & Vocal Explorer

“This is such a valuable, unique contribution to the children’s area at WOMAD; Experimental expression, freedom and support. This is how musical culture is nurtured and how children can flourish!” - Amy Clarkson, Earthsky Learning

“Brilliant to see my usually-shy daughter encouraged to stand up on stage & given such colourful encouragement to EXPLORE the experience. Brilliantly done! 5*s’!” - Fi Watson, Mum of Vocal Explorer at WOMAD

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"Be Experimental" is a unique interactive-concert experience led by non binary Experimental-Pop Artist BexX, where the audience members become performers, engaging in live vocal improvisation to create a show of spontaneous and unique music while fostering creative freedom and collaboration.
It bridges the gap between concert and workshop, by giving you the space to express yourself and grow in confidence through writing and vocalising to a live-produced soundtrack.
Click to watch the Be Experimental at Sistxrhood, Glasto 2023 Showreel. Click to watch Be Experimental for Kids at Womad 2023.

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