"I stopped identifying with genre
when I gave up identifying with gender"

BexX is an independent, unsigned UK artist who defines their own sound with a theatrical mix of meaningful songwriting, classical & baroque-pop, world flavours and experimental noise.
2020 brings the debut releases of tracks and music videos working towards a full album.
BexX’s mission is to challenge stereotypes & expectations and explore gender issues. Attempting to break the boxes we create to challenge our limitations of what is possible.

“Early in 2019 I knew it was time to release my own music. I’ve been working on other people’s projects for a long time, which I loved, but I was not being the artist I had intended to be.
I shortlisted 30 songs to release but I was very resistant to simply churn out material I had done before for the sake of creating releases.

I went deep into exploring what it means to be an artist, for myself. Summer 2019 brought about a pivotal shift in my journey and I concluded that, to lay down the mask and express my art with such vulnerability and truth, is to be an artist”. The music and songwriting explores gender-fluidity, deals with non-self-acceptance and overcoming obstacles by bringing awareness to mindset, internal beliefs and behavioural patterns.
Key influences include Kate Bush, Florence + the Machine, Anthony and the Johnsons and Benjamin Clementine.


From Benjamin (after composer Benjamin Britten)
(Etymology from Hebrew: Son of the right)
Bold, blue, strong,
Earthly rooted / Stone like
Also means “To be”

From Rebecca (Bex)
(Etymology from Hebrew: Rivkah: noose / to tie / to combine)
Floral / organic, earthly, flexible / liquid / soft
Vines/ Plant like
Symbol for female chromosomes,
Logic (Right Brain)

Also means :“To Be X”
Representing Non-conformity / To be unique,
To be truly yourself.
To Express / To be true expression.
To be extraordinary,
Creativity & Emotion (Left Brain)

BexX is neither only feminine or masculine, but both or varying somewhere in between. Non-Binary, Non-Gendered.
This reflects in the music, which is not one thing or another: not one genre.
The album takes the listener through many influences. Key influences include Kate Bush, Anthony and the Johnsons, Florence + the Machine and Benjamin Clementine.

The concept of genre is often so important to place songs in the music industry, but is so frustrating and limiting for real art and expression. (It is more useful for business purposes to target an audience).
The idea: To challenge genre and gender stereotypes. To break expectations, exceed limitations and to express real, true art.


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